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Speed up your workflow with these great features...

Instantly Available

At the click of a button (or key) Makross will appear.  You no longer need all those desktop shortcuts or to remember all those complex hotkeys for your favourite programs.

Link To Everything

Makross gives you instant access to individual files, programs, folders, macro commands, jumplists, program shortcuts and even clip tray items. No more wasting time.

Hotkeys & Shortcuts

Some software can be complicated and if you want to work fast, memorizing all those shortcut keys for each application requires a lot of thought. Let Makross do it for you. 

Drag & Drop

To add links to your folders, programs and files; just drag and drop them onto Makross. Create individual links or jumplists easily.

Infinite Commands

Create as many folders (command sets) as you like ; each containing a set of 56 commands. A single command can also be a jumplist comprising of many file links.

More To Come

At launch we will be in early access, which means we have much more planned for Makross. We want your feedback (and bugs) too so we can make it better and better..


Perform sequences of events to save you time. For example; open your email, move the mouse pointer, wait 2 seconds then type a name. Fully customizable. Makross does it all in a click.

Auto Mode

Makross can detect what program your are working on and magically adjust the set of shortcut commands available to suit the situation. You dont even have to think. You can customize the shortcuts for each individual application.

Your Style

If you like, you can customize the look of the Makross tool to be as pretty or as dull as you like with some simple to use presets. 

  • Does NOT require Steam to be running after initial installation.
  • Activate the Makross dial to your mouse position on a single configurable button press or shortcut key.
  • Drag and Drop multiple files and folders to Makross to quickly create shortcuts and lists that are always at hand.
  • Fast access to any file, folder, drive or website.
  • Jump Lists for organizing related files, folders and links.
  • Macro creator for function sequences that can be used in all apps and games and even your desktop.
  • 'Auto' mode can detect the app that you are currently using and adjust the functions available in Makross to a set of related buttons and shortcuts. Eg..When you use Blender all of your Blender shortcut keys will be accessible, but then if you move applications to Outlook; then all of you Outlook shortcuts become available.
  • Permanent functions that can be accessed quickly in any app at any time.
  • Fully configurable icons, names and tool tips for each command.
  • Multiple folders (Command Sets) for an infinite amount of commands,
  • Save custom Clip Tray lists and paste from your clip tray history.
  • Use your saved settings on multiple PCs.
  • Easy to use, always at hand and never in the way!



Early Access

Once we have all the main features ready and stable, Makross will be available in Steam's Early Access program at a significantly discounted price. During this period will continue to add extra features and iterate based on user feedback.
Target Date: Soon!



Makross will be available at full price. Makross will be feature complete and ready to use by everyone.
Target Date: December 2019


Post Release

We will continue to make free product updates based on user feedback.
-Additional Command Packs
-Additional Features


Makross is a kind of 'Radial Menu' for windows (but its obviously not round). When you click a specific button on your mouse (or keyboard) the Makross menu pops up right at your cursor's position. From there it's easy to launch programs, trigger hotkeys, fire sequences of events and much more. All in the click of a mouse. There are a few other radial menus on the market, but none as powerful as Makross.

Makross will begin life in Steam's 'Early Access' program and evolve and develop based on user feedback.

Makross is fully drag and drop, so it's really easy to use.

Makross is useful for everyone from casual PC users to Power users who use their PC for intense tasks such as CAD, Multimedia, Accounting, Video Production etc. At its most basic level it can be used just to unclutter your desktop and have a faster way to navigate to common programs, folders and web links. At a more advanced level it can be an ultra fast conduit to all your favourite hotkeys and sequences commonly used by today's modern windows applications.

Makross can be used in conjunction with most* windows application and Hotkeys are stored separatley for each one. Additionally, Makross also includes some prebuilt command sets.

We actually used Makross to build Makross. I think that says it all.

*See list of known incompatible software. 

First off, you dont need any additional command sets. Command sets simply add a bunch of premade icons and relevant shortcuts for a specific Windows app (ie Word, Outlook, Photoshop etc). There is no reason you couldn't set one up all by yourself, but it can take a bit of time. Pre made command sets allow ourselves and the community to share sets of pre built commands and icons which saves everyone some more time. All command packs are free.

Some comand sets are already installed with Makross (Windows Desktop commands for example) but for others you will find them on our downloads page.

Additionally, we have now added a Command Set Manager to Makross which allows you to organize your commands sets and easily export command sets as individual file (.mcs) or straight to Steam Workshop.

We aren't sure yet. We only know that it will be cheaper to get during early access than waiting until full release. 

Rule of Fun is actually just one person; 'Simon Keating', but it's sounds better to say 'we' all the time. They say it's more professional.

I am a software developer with over 25 years of experience, mainly designing and developing video games. For my work, I'm at my PC every day and I'm required to use and master a lot of different software. I realized there was a need for a centralized tool in Windows that provided faster iteration after fighting with the operating system's niggles on a daily basis. Lots of small things were adding up and eating away time and I soon began to realize that this was all just unnecessary effort. With the advent of touch screens I also wanted to bring all my software in line with a similar accessibility of Smart Phones and Tablets. I have lots of additional features planned for Makross with this goal in mind. Stay tuned!

Yes. But not until we've released on Steam first. However, once you've purchased it on Steam you never need Steam open again to have Makross running all the time. Makross patiently stays awake as a background process waiting for your call to action for when it's needed.

The demo does NOT require Steam to run 

Get ready to speed up your workflow!